domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008


CD (Salsa International 2007), Re-Issued 1994
Produced by Al Santiago

320 KBPS - 62 MEGAS - AÑO 1968

The Salsa All Stars, Alegre All Stars, Cesta All Stars...hey, what's in a name? This is the essentially same band of incredible players, brought together by producer Al Santiago, that has created some of the most memorable jams in Latin music history. Kinda short for what we've come to expect on a CD. However, highly recommended.

I sold another 'Alegre All-Stars' session to Ismael Maisonave, then president of Salsa Records, a division of his Mary Lou label. The session included a great composition and arrangement by Louie Ramírez, which I entitled 'Descarga de Cueros y Vientos' and 'Descarga en 'K'' written and arranged by Pupi Legarreta. The recording was in mono and I had to convert it to pseudo-stereo. I happened to go to Executive Studios owned by my old friend Gene Sayet, where he had a machine - a magic machine I call it - that you put a mono tape through and it came out fake stereo, but a fantastic fake stereo. And that Salsa All-Stars (1968) on Salsa Records is that fake stereo, and I have got compliments from people telling me that's the best mix I've ever done.

Descarga De Cueros Y Vientos 9:33
Eloisa 2:05
Descarga En "K" 7:30
Mi Tierra Natal 2:40
Lloro Tu Partida 4:00

Kako Timbales
Charlie Palmieri Piano
Cachao Bass
Bobby Rodriguez Bass
Puchi Boulong Trumpets
Victor Paz Trumpets
Dave Gonzalez Trumpets
Leonel Sanchez Trumpets
Richie Meza Sax
Morty Lazzar Sax
Mario Rivera Sax
Pupi Legarretta Flute
Louie Ramirez Percussion
Frankie Malabe Percussion
Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez Percussion
Tito Jimenez Percussion
Cortijito Percussion
Pedro Perdomo Percussion
Azuquita, Chamaco Ramirez, Vocals
Yayo El Indio, Santos Colon, Hector Lavoe, Chivirico Davila Coro

P.D. Gracias al apoyo de Pablito Salsa